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Important message from our Chairman regarding communications

New EU driven Data Protection Laws come in to force on May 25th 2018. This means that Ramblers UK and all its associated groups are going to have to change the ways in which data we hold is handled. For us the data is classed as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. This is information that you would have provided to Ramblers UK when you joined and that is held by them on the national database and also by us as your local group. Also important is the choice of contact preferences you made at that time which governs how information about Ramblers is passed on to you. I understand that prior to the new laws coming into force we are all going to be contacted individually to check that the information held is correct and that your contact preferences are still relevant.

When this happens it is important that you address the issue and make sure your details are how you wish them to be because it will affect how we as a group interact on a daily basis. After May 25th those of us who dispense information about walks etc will be strictly governed by your individual communication preferences so that if you opt, on the national database, not to be contacted by for instance email then we locally will have to strictly observe that choice. Also previously and on the odd occasion some of you have changed your email addresses and have advised me directly so that I can update our own Taff Ely distribution list. After May 25th I will not be able to do this. Any changes will have to be made by you on your Ramblers UK account and this will then be cascaded down to our group through a traceable process.

Go to our "Contact Us" page for a more details and a link to Ramblers should you wish to modify your details.

Pontyclun Community Council come up trumps

Repaired Stile

While trying out a couple of routes for walks Tony came across a broken step-up at a stile between Miskin and Groes-faen. He informed Pontyclun Community Council and by the time the walks took place shortly afterwards a new step-up had been put in place. The above photo shows our Saturday Strollers at the stile during one of the walks.

Our New Social Secretary

We are pleased to announce that Eleanor Davies has agreed to become our new Social Secretary and the Committee are pleased to welcome her on board.

We would like to thank Cardiff City's Public Rights Of Way Department

New Gate

When reconnoitring her walk in December, Tracy and Roger came across a style in a dangerous state in the Pentrych area. After we contacted Cardiff they were extremely helpful in resolving the problem and they also accompanied them on another occasion to ensure the complete route was in good condition. The photo shows the group at the gate on the day of the walk.

Our New Chairman

At our first committee meeting since the AGM Brian Morgan offered his services as chairman. His offer was gladly accepted by the committee.

Our thanks go out to RCT's Environment Services Department

Fallen Tree

When out walking part of bunny walk #6 near Castellau one of our members came across a large tree that fallen across the footpath. It was very difficult to get past the obstruction and he reported it to the footpath officer for Rhondda Cynon Taff.

The rangers have now visited the site and cleared the obstruction. The photograph shows two members of our Footpath Maintenance Team passing the site while checking this bunny walk for Llantrisant Community Council.

We would like to express our thanks to RCT for dealing with this problem so quickly.

Purchase of four kissing gates for RCT

Presentation Photo

Chairperson of the Taff Ely(Llantrisant) Ramblers, presented a cheque on the 17th September 2015 on behalf of the club to Rhondda Cynon Taff council at Llantrisant Castle. The Countryside Manager of RCT accepted the cheque on behalf of the Council. Excess funds from the social activities of the club are donated for the benefit of the maintenance of the countryside for walking in the local area. Today’s donation from the club was matched by Glamorgan Area Ramblers Association to install four new kissing gates in the area.

The presentation was made in front of the memorial stone to the Llantrisant Archers, who in 1346 helped Edward the Black Prince win the victory over the French at the battle of Crecy using the longbow and they are depicted in the Taff Ely(Llantrisant) Ramblers Logo. Llantrisant is now twinned with Crecy. Also present are members of the Local Ramblers Committee and the photograph was taken by a local member and walker.

The first two of these kissing gates have now been installed by RCT on the Glamorgan Ridgeway Walk near to the Caesars Arms. The following shows our group using these gates on a Sunday Walk.

Taff Ely Group using the new kissing Gates

One of the other gates has been installed where the Ridgeway walk passes behind the Caerau hill fort near Rhiwsaeson; the other is also on the Ridgeway walk as it leaves the Eastern end of Llantrisant.

New kissing Gates between Llantrisant and Rhiwsaeson

Our thanks to Llantrisant Community Council

One of our members reported a problem with a stile while reconnoitring bunny walk #6 for a Thursday night walk . This was fixed the following day so the fourteen walkers crossed the stile with ease the following week. We would like to thank Llantrisant Community for their speedy response.

Repaired Stile

New Web Address and host

Our original Web site was set up in March 1994 and has been hosted on web space provided by one of our members. We have now switched to Ramblers-Webs that has been set up by a small group of Ramblers volunteers to support a number of Group and Area Web Sites. The web host account allows them to host a number of Web Sites at reasonable cost; these are borne by Ramblers Central Office.

We would like to thank Chris Vaughan of the Derby & South Derbyshire Group for his help in transferring our site to this new host.

Two new kissing gates on the Ridgeway Walk

In 2014 the group applied to a fund provided by a legacy to the RA for kissing gates. With the money RCT brought two gates and these have now been installed on the Glamorgan Ridgeway walk that runs between Margam Park and Caerphilly Mountain.

Replaced Stiles

The above kissing gate replaces a fallen down stile between Rhiwsaeson and the Caesars Arms.

Replaced Stiles

This new gate is between the Caerau hill fort and Rhiwsaeson

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