Circular Walk Guide - St Peter's Church

About the walk

How far is it?6 miles / 10 kilometres.
Where does it start?Llantrisant Forest car park (ST025847) near Ynysmaerdy.
Can I catch the bus? The Stagecoach Rhondda bus No. 244 stops at the High Comer Pub, Llanharan.
Where can I get a drink?High Corner, Llanharan.
Which map should I take?O.S. Explorer 151

Getting to the start

From J34, M4, take the A4119 to Llantrisant.
At the first roundabout go left on the (A473).
At the next roundabout go right to Talbot Green.
Turn 1st left into Lanely Lane and follow the lane for 2 miles to the forestry car park.

Finding Your Way

Cilely Map

From the car park (1) take the path to your right, through the barrier following the track uphill. At the end of the trees go through a small gate and follow the path over the top.

When the path bears right go through the gate set in the stone wall (2) (from here you are following the waymarked Taff Ely Ridgeway Walk). Turn left and follow the path passing the rocks on your right (3).

These armchair shaped rocks have the carving 'Dduw cariad yw' - God is love' (along with other carved dates and initials). In the 1920's a Collier from Thomastown (near Tonyrefail) carried his daughter to this spot daily to sit with him while he carved. She was suffering from Tuberculosis and as he carved she breathed in the fresh air. This carried on until he had finished his carving and his daughter was cured.

Continue along the path until you reach a gate (4). Follow the path through two gates and over a stream. Go over the next stile and cross to the gate. Look out for the Ridgeway Walk signs. Follow the track until you reach a small gate on your left.

Go through this and walk straight ahead Where you will see the ruins of St. Peters Church (Capel Llanbad). This is a nice spot for a picnic lunch.

Llanbad Church was probably first built in the late 12th century The church was rebuilt in the late 17th century and was in regular use in the 18th century. However, the opening of the coal mines in and around Brynna led to the building of a new church and the transfer of the chalice, bells and register in 1812. The Church has since fallen into disrepair.

At St. Peters Church (5), go diagonally left, downhill to a gate in the corner of the field, near a pylon. Follow track bearing right to another gate. Bear right to second gate, turn left(6). Keep to the track and bear left past buildings. The track bears right. Follow this down through a new gate onto a stony track, leading to a road.

Follow the road downhill into Llanharan. Take the right turn then first left into Church Terrace (7). At the end go through the kissing gate on the left into a field. Keeping to the right hand side follow field along, then uphill to a gate/stile.

Go right and follow right hand edge. You will see concrete pillars on right. Bear slightly left to a small bridge and stile, keep right and carry on uphill keeping the wood on your right go through gate/stile (8).

Turn right and follow the path through a field then follow the path over the gate/stile to an open space (ideal for a tea break) (9).

Go diagonally to the left hand corner to a stile. Keeping to the right hand side climb through the next three fields to a stile. Cross this into the wood, follow path to a track (10).

Turn right and follow the track bearing left, down- hill, passing pond on your left. Keep straight on downhill for 330m. Take the path on the right and just before the end take the path on the right (11).

This leads to a track, cross over, and keeping slightly to your right take path down to car park.

Grid References for points in text
PointGrid Reference
1ST 025847
2ST 009849
3ST 003851
4SS 996853
5SS 993853
6SS 997845
7ST 003832
8ST 013833
9ST 019838
10ST 022840
11ST 020846

The associated leaflet for this walk was produced by the Taff Ely (Llantrisant) Ramblers, assisted by Caerphilly Mountan Countryside Service and supported by Llantrisant Town Council.